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The market is oversaturated with lookalike and taste-alike sparkling waters.

As a chef, I wanted to bring something new to the category; something that reflects what I look for in the products I consume - flavorful and premium brands with strong purpose behind them. I created Miri - bold flavors and a design-forward aesthetic, all grounded in the philanthropic principle of providing clean water to those who need it.

— Chef Kwame Onwuachi, Founder


Dragonfruit Wave

Mildly sweet flavor of tropical dragonfruit balanced by the tangy taste of mangosteen - a fruit native to southeast Asia.


Tropical Peach

Flavors of fresh farmstand peaches blended with a hint of mango.


Watermelon Kiss

Sweet notes of watermelon complemented by the flavor of jackfruit – a cousin of the fig that is cultivated throughout tropical regions.



Our values are what differentiate us, and they are at the foundation of what drives every decision we make.


Globally-inspired flavors that provide a unique taste experience not seen on-shelf.


Through our philanthropic partnership, we are committed to providing clean water to impoverished areas.


Our sleek, minimalist, and quiet design sets us apart from a loud marketplace.

We are a can with a mission.

1 can of
miri sold
= 29 gallons of
clean water